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Adult Online Business For Webmasters:


Start an online adult porn business:

If you would like to become an adult webmaster or webmistress, and make money from home starting your own online adult business, feel free to contact us below and maybe we can help you get started. If you're an experienced adult webmaster, then these are some necessary affiliate/sponsor adult links you should be interested in. These sponsor links are updated quarterly (sometimes immediately), based on the information you will read below.





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READ: I have over 19 years in the online porn website business, and a combined staff knowledge of 60+ years altogether. How do you start a porn site or get into the adult business? It's easy, but it also depends on how much work you want to put in - just like anything you do in life. Read on.

Adult Webmasters or Webmistresses, click the affiliate buttons and banners above to visit their respective affiliate programs. These sponsors & content providers are exclusively checked by my crew to make sure their traffic is holding up, sites are relatively active, traffic rank is reasonably healthy, and that their own company site hasn't fallen away into nowhere.

What I check for most nowadays is modern compatibility with (at least) responsive themes, true mobile upgrades, activity in their updates, and overall contact friendliness and openness. I've personally kicked off the stuckup douche bags and cheaters - of which there are many, even highly respected ones. It's an ongoing ridiculous battle where both ends don't make money because they insist on being the greedy scumbags that they are.

Furthermore, recently some online porn sponsor companies have changed leadership, or are bought out, or they turn from good-to-bad with a simple keystroke. Constant monitoring is required in making sure they are keeping their integrity and their honesty in today's markets. If you're an experienced webmaster, and feel that any one of these adult sponsor programs listed below shouldn't be here, or you have information for us to know about any one of them, then absolutely contact us right away(4), and we'll get down to the bottom of it asap. Please alert us to ANY suspicions you may've experienced whether they be skimming, shaving, throttling or just general assholedom.

If you're a new adult webmaster starting out & looking to get into the adult online business, hit us up and we might be able to help. As you start out with your 1st porn website, we can trade links with your site helping to achieve reputation in search engines, and generally guide you to the right people, not the scammers. You should also create a Skype account as well for starting communication. We like meeting good & honest people, but make sure your intentions are the same before you contact us. Affiliates always know the golden rule: "There's strength in numbers..."

Affiliate Adult Programs and Sponsors

Adult Sponsors:

If you don't convert, you're gone. The best adult affiliate sponsor companies are proactive, pre-emptive & dynamic. If you sit back & let the money roll in, it'll dry up sooner rather than later. And we, your source, never return. Word gets out quick in this industry.

If you throttle us, you're gone too. We do test signups when needed - especially in today's online porn markets & landscape. Sponsors who have rules against test signups obviously have something to hide. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this. It's been done in big business since the beginning of corporations, just like undercover shoppers in the retail model.

We do these specifically on NATS program software, and we also check your CCBill signup page source, as many in the adult affiliate industry specifically don't know about this little secret. Test signups are also especially needed with custom-coded backend billing software, among others (MPA3, Verotel, EPOCH, etc.). Huge, longtime, respected companies have been bitten by greed in recent times, and continue to this day to shave and/or control what you get paid. I know this for a fact.

Some sponsors are intentionally missing off of this affiliate list above because they've either fallen off the radar & let their multi-site adult networks cripple or they got gobbled up by MS/W/G, or simply dissolved into nothingness because of online adult piracy, and lack of legal funds to fight it. Other very popular ones are missing from this affiliate list because they turned into complete cheaters, even on the adult CCBill sponsor side. High end cockroaches still stealing money from hard working adult affiliates right now as you read this. But. There are still some really cool people out there though who've started their own online adult business, so never give up - just like any good business, it's who you run with.(1) 

We know the business. We also know the new landscape ratios too - in all areas and niches. I've been a huge part of adult content providers and sponsorship programs in the past, as well as sponsors ourselves. Money is money, and we work hard for each other to make it. Adult online porn websites as a business are no different than selling anything else online. We do not commit affiliate fraud, cookie stuff, or eat the forum drama for breakfast. A business is a business. Karma comes back to byte you one way or another.(2)

People that feel the need to shave off a quick 10 bucks here-and-there by cheating are people that need to get out of the adult affiliate industry altogether. The same holds true for sponsors themselves. It might add up to a grand or more, but they end up losing the potential to make 10-20 times that in honest business dealings, being good people, and having a good reputation. It's that reputation that becomes the most valuable over time.

Hey Sponsor! Not listed? Want to see your company banner here? Contact Kat below. I'll check you out personally along with the crew.

Work From Home

Adult Advertisers:

If you want to be on any sites you're reading this from, which could be hundreds(3), feel free to drop us a line or X-Out and click on the "Advertise" link. I also buy & sell sites, do exclusive hardlink trades according to the new best-practice principles, as well as have numerous graphic artists & designers, programmers/coders, webmasters et al. to stimulate you to start your online adult business or porn site. Your point of contact is:

(1) - Just like the things you learned in kindergarten, generally if people aren't open, friendly, and don't mind talking to you (e.g., on Skype, landlines, offices, etc.) if asked, then stay away from them. Also, I've seen entire accounts deleted from affiliates because people insisted on communicating only by email, text, etc. People calling themselves adult 'affiliate managers' that don't reach out when asked aren't doing their jobs, and often times get fired from the companies and/or people they work for, without us affiliates even lifting a finger. Word still gets out however, and one should be quite leery of people that are "secretive." They go from job-to-job and you start to recognize the names of the good ones. Others you never see again. because word has gotten out...

(2) - Sponsors have given in to desperate measures lately, versus the early days, and some are now leaking tours more than ever, putting their own affiliate links up on sites that we promote(!), and just generally conducting bad business practices. As this is unfortunate and pretty sad in my opinion, it just goes to show that they've burrowed themselves into a financial hell, and one should generally just stay away from people & companies that don't play by the new rules in today's markets.

(3) - This adult webmaster link you clicked on comes from a footer that is 'traveled' across almost 200 sites. Or, you may have just come from a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc. If you clicked this "Webmasters" link from a site with a footer, make sure to include that particular site in your email correspondence. Otherwise, we'll have no idea what your advertising needs would be, could be and/or should be. If you came from a search engine, you can see a footer as an example on one of our sites, Scroll to the bottom footer, and click the 'advertise' link.

(4) - Be sure you know what you're doing if you want to let us know about scammers. We have decades of experience in the adult online industry, and we indeed know a lot of people in it as well - old & new on a daily basis one click away. Just because you didn't make any money, doesn't mean they're cheaters shaving your income. But. If they aren't paying an overdue check, or maybe you have some solid evidence, created a fake sale, realized your ratios were 'absurdly' stupid, then absolutely let us know. In fact, we'd like to learn more and even work to build a relationship with you and your sites!